Parent Travel

Let the Fun Begin

“Let’s make this a year of traveling.”  This is what I said to Drew yesterday while we were both sitting in the office working.  He of course said yes (who honestly would say no to that?) and then came the real discussion….Who would stay with the kids? We don’t have passports, and what about the chickens? The dogs? Our jobs? The list went on and on to the point we were both discouraged, but committed to try to make this a year of traveling no matter what!

That’s when we took to the internet and started searching for the best traveling ideas and options for us.  We aren’t backpackers (around age 18-30), we aren’t digital nomads (again around age 18-30), we aren’t family travelers (age 20-45 traveling with kids) and we aren’t retired (although we really wish we were!).  So were does that leave us?  We are the middle person, the in between, the odd duck out.  Ok enough, you get the point.  We also got the point.  No matter how much I searched, I had a really hard time coming across any information about parent travelers (this term was given to us by theholiad, and I really liked because it fit).

We are doing it and this is the story of our adventures into the world of parent traveling by any means, we are cruising, traveling international, staying in hotels or apartments, tent camping, staying in all inclusive resorts.  You name it we are traveling that way.  Stay tuned to learn a little about our different means of traveling and maybe we can help you decide on what way of travel is best for you!



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