A Passport is HOW much??

So the biggest hurdle for our goal of traveling….ok let me rephrase that and start over.  One of the biggest hurdles for us is the fact that neither one of us have a passport.  I had one that expired in 2014 because it was required when I worked on the cruiseship, but after that I just got a passport card for my yearly cruise.

In case any of you do not know the difference between a passport card and a passport book, I will do a real quick and simple breakdown.  A passport card is used for any method of travel EXCEPT a plane.  If I wanted to drive or take a boat this is where the passport card comes into play.  If I want to get on a plane and fly….yeah fork over more money and upgrade to a passport book.

So according to the  US travel website, Drew’s passport is going to cost $110 with a $25 fee.  So a total of $135 for his passport.  I can technically renew my passport so mine will cost $110.

That was a little more than I remember.  I don’t know if the prices have gone up since 2004 when I got my last one, but I don’t remember it costing so much.




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