North Carolina Museum of Natural Science

I would like to say this trip was a spur of the moment trip, but it wasn’t.  Our sons are away visiting for their Christmas vacation, so it’s just Drew, me and our daughters.  Looking for something fun and inexpensive to do in Raleigh for New Year’s Eve we decided on the North Carolina Museum of Natural Science.


Located in downtown Raleigh, this museum is free for the most part with only a few exhibits that charge an admittance fee.  There is so much to see, do, touch, and experiment with that it will keep children and adults alike busy for awhile.

This is how we decided to spend out Saturday afternoon.  We started out around 11 and got to the museum around noon.  The front of the museum is an amazing sight with the huge world visible from down the street. This world is magnificent and there is a sky bridge you can cross so you can see the top of the world as well.


Once inside, a truly beautiful mix of living and not living exhibits greeted us.


With all the wonderful exhibits to explore, I found a favorite in the science lab. Micropipetting. My little budding scientist loved it as well.  They had awesome designs we could make with different colors.


This museum really has something for everyone. For the nature lover there is a whole area that looks like the forest, complete with a realistic waterfall.


Technology has it’s own area where children and adults alike can look at pictures of the solar system on the computer and zoom in as close as you want, or play with little toy cars with sensors that drive themselves along a taped line.   There is also a prehistoric area, Carolina coast area, gems and rocks area, oh and let’s not forget the butterflies and two toed sloth!

We ended up spending about four hours wondering around this museum and it was awesome!  We will definitely be heading back to enjoy more in the near future.


Made it to the top of the world!



From the Prehistoric area


Carolina Coast





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