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Traveling budget

Getting started traveling for fun takes a little money, but how much is a little?  This is what we set out to decide for budgeting purposes.

After adding up the charges we are looking at about an $1400 trip for a week for just Drew and I. This is the whole budget for trip, you name it, it’s included in the cost (except for the passport expenses).  I am sure you are very curious how I got that number. Or you aren’t and you are going to quit reading now…either way I will tell you how I got that number.

We are going to travel using a travel package, like the ones found on Groupon or Living Social..  So we are looking at a 6 day trip or there about, and if you peruse the Groupon getaways in any fashion you will know the getaways include airfare and hotel and are priced around $100 a day depending on the destination.  If you are lucky and not picky about where you are going (like us!) you can even get a rental car and food included.

Yes, I realize this is not how most people travel.  At least I don’t think it is.  I have read numerous blogs and watched YouTube channels about traveling and none of them seem to do package traveling.  It seems to be more of a fly by the seat of their pants sort of travel, and while that works for them, I have yet to figure out how to get a cheap plane ticket without a hotel attached to it, so the travel package works for Drew and I at least to start out.

So back to the $1400.  The major issue we are running into with the getaways is that we wanted to get out and see the countries we travel to.  Not just see the tourist town we stay in or the resort we stay on.  So part of that budget is going to go toward doing more while we are there.

The other big expense will be the food.  That is if we don’t get a deal that has meals included.  I am not very adventurous with food, but I do want to sample some of the local food while traveling.  This can “eat” into any budget.  We are also including that in the $1200 however that will probably go up or go down depending on where we end up.

So the budget for this first trip is $1400….and yes we did do a lot of research before we decided on this budget.  It is too little or too much?  Well we will find out shortly as we soon as we pick where we are going!

Outside the North Carolina Museum of Natural Science




  1. You’re absolutely right that it can be hard to find cheap flights without a hotel attached. Even after traveling to all 50 states and 20 countries I haven’t figured out the budget flights… But I think the biggest way to REALLY cut costs of any trip is to travel longer, which isn’t always plausible or takes a whole other form of planning, ya know? Anyway, I can’t wait to see which country you end up visiting! Xx

  2. Honestly good on you guys for making a go of it, I know the travel market is saturated with backpackers right now. But you are making a place for parent travel- how cool is that?

    I’m excited for your holiday 🙂

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