Turkey Run State Park

Hiking has always been a favorite past time for me and my family.  If we can get off the beaten path and get our shoes muddy, it’s a great afternoon.  One of our favorite places to do this is Turkey Run State Park in Indiana.  This beautiful park has many different activities like camping, swimming, fishing and horseback riding, but our favorite is hiking trail 3.1wordlesswednesday

It is considered the most rugged trail in the park for a very good reason.  Make sure you take a change of clothes and shoes if you plan on hiking this trail because you will get muddy or soaked on the way. The kiddos will love it!


The views are definitely worth the time not to mention wearing out the kids so they actually take a nap it a huge perk as well.   I would recommend  taking children that are out of the stroller and steady on their feet because this is definitely not a stroller friendly hike!

The Punch Bowl

If you are in the area and interested you can learn more about Turkey Run here.  We visit this park as a family once a year and we would go more often but it’s a 12 hour drive for us.








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