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2017 Travel Itinerary

First off I would like to say that we FINALLY have an itinerary for the first half of this year!  Well we have planned out a little more than that but we haven’t planned out two months as of yet.  So a more accurate statement would be: we finally have an itinerary for  most of the year! The first month we don’t have a plan for is November.  The reason being is we haven’t decided if we want to travel this month or spend time with family.  The second month is December.  Our children are spending Christmas with their other parents this year so we are still on the lookout for a perfect destination for that week.

Here it is.  The official Drew and Trish Itinerary for 2017:

January – February no traveling as we are saving for the year’s adventures and trying to figure out where we are going

March  4 days – Florida without the Disney.  This is a family trip we are taking to see the everglades, the beaches and Gatorland    The blog posts for this trip have been posted.

April   8 days – Italy  The blog posts for this trip are being posted most Tuesdays and Fridays.

May    3 days – New Orleans (for our anniversary, my birthday and Mother’s Day) This trip was canceled due to everyone being sick off and on during the month.  However we did make it up to Virginia for a family trip to Great Wolf Lodge.

June    3 days – Georgia Guidestones and Raleigh museums.

July    5 days – New York and Canada.  This turned into a last minute trip, but we want to visit upstate New York and Montreal.

August   3 days – Las Vegas without the gambling.

September   5 days – Iceland

October  4 days– Covered Bridge Festival, Indiana    This is a family event we go to each year and spans across at least 5 small towns in Indiana

November 7 days – Ireland and Scotland.

December – Not traveling.

For those of you who have traveled to any of the locations above and have favorite places to eat or things to do let me know!  I am working on planning out each place’s itinerary.

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  1. I’ve been to New Orleans and you would love it here. Remember to bring your comfy shoes cause theirs a lot of walking. To eat definitely go to cafe du monde for beignets and go to ruby slippers. Get their egg Benedict for brunch. On my page I have a list of places I’ve been too. Hope it helps. Safe flights to your awesome itinerary

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