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Xplor Park – Mexico

A few years ago I took a shore excursion to Xplor Park near Playa Del Carmen Mexico. This park has a little something for everyone, but beware it’s a workout too.

Before I tell you all the awesome things about this park, let me start with a few warnings.  First and foremost, ladies this is for you, this is NOT the place to wear a bikini. Buy that cheap one piece just for this park.   I wore a bikini and lost the bottom half quite a few times.  It was actually quite amusing because as you land the guys that helps unhook you from the ziplines actually looks away knowing that the bottoms come off…EVERY TIME.  Second, good walking shoes that are breathable and dry quickly or water shoes that are good for walking are also a must.  I wore a big old pair of tennis shoes…big mistake and I will point out why below.  My last warning is don’t wear anything with batteries into the water. This includes any waterproof watches, fitness trackers and the like.  The water has minerals in it and while I had worn my watch swimming quite a few times, one good swim in the river here and it was done for.

Warnings aside, this park has so much to do I am having trouble deciding where to start! I guess it would make sense to start with my favorite activity at the park. So here goes.

The ziplines…Oh yes, they were definitely my favorite! There was quite a trek to get to some of the towers so you will work up an appetite, but it’s definitely worth it.  Nothing beats flying over the tree tops of the jungle.

Yes I am ziplining in a bikini and tennis shoes you will see why soon!

When I was at the park, I did have the choice of getting in the fast line or the wet line.  I am a water baby so I was all for the wet line.  Which seemed more dry than wet till I climbed a tower only to find a waterslide instead of a zipiline at the top.

Yes you go down a waterslide in a zipline harness.  You can see my choice of shoes was not very appropriate.

So the best part of the ziplines, for me, was the very last one.  I have been on ziplines quite a few times, but none ended the way these did.  I ziplined into a cave through a waterfall and landed in water.

You can start to see how a bikini was a bad choice!
Going through the waterfall and one of the awesome guys who know to look away till you “adjust”

Moving on from the ziplines, I would have to say next my favorite activity was the stalactite river swim.  I am going to insert another warning here…the water is COLD, seriously cold, but don’t skip out on this. It is totally worth it!

You will be required to wear a life preserver for the swim which honestly saved me because the first time I saw the little itty bitty fish swim up to my face, I forgot how to swim.  Don’t laugh too hard it could happen to anyone, at least I think it could.

After I got over the fish swimming right up to my face and the really cold water, it was actually relaxing.



After the swim, I was starving and headed to the buffet for lunch.  If you go I recommend getting the buffet because it’s delicious and has quite a few choices.

After stuffing my face with very tasty food,  I decided to try the amphibious vehicles.  So this wasn’t my favorite part, but it was ok.  I don’t have pictures of it, but I did drive through a waterfall and through a small underground tunnel.  It was a little lackluster after the ziplines and the river swim, but I still enjoyed it.

Finally I ended my trip there with the underground rafts.  This is ranked my least favorite.  Probably because I am out of shape, but it was hard work!  For the paddles, well they strapped small boards to your hands.  For a girl without any upper body strength,  this had me seriously considering adding an arm workout to my routine because halfway through I had to stop and float for a few minutes due to my arms feeling like jelly.

Do you see the little paddles on his hands?

I would definitely recommending trying out Xplor Park if you are in the area.  Would I go back? Yes! I would love to go back and try out their new hammock splash.  Here is the link for Xplor.


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