Gregory Vineyards

Gregory Vineyards is located in Angier North Carolina and is currently Drew and I’s favorite winery out of the few we have visited.   To say we are wine connoisseurs is a complete lie, however we do enjoy taking Saturday afternoons to ourselves and trying out the different wineries around our area.  If you didn’t know this, North Carolina has a lot of wineries, and in between our travels and hectic lifestyle, Drew and I plan to visit all of them.


For the second time this year, we headed out to Gregory Vineyards to enjoy a cold afternoon in the sunshine.  It is chilly here today, so we didn’t spend a lot of time meandering through the vineyard, but the front porch offered shelter from the wind and we enjoyed some wine on the front porch after our wine tasting.


View from my rocking chair


The first time we went there the dry wines were not something I would have considered.  I am not the hugest fan of dry wines, at least I wasn’t in the summer.  Has my palette changed that much since we were there in the summer?  Perhaps it was getting a few more wine tastings under my belt that helped?  I don’t know what changed, but something did because this time we left with a bottle of the dry red wine called Sly Fox.


Sweet wines are my downfall.  I love sweet wines.  This winery makes a sweet wine called Sunset that is hands down my favorite wine.


The Sunset wine


For anyone who likes a little more of a kick with their wines, Gregory Vineyards also offers 40 proof wine.  This is not necessarily my thing, but Drew loved the Fearless 40 proof which is the “big sister” to the Sunset wine I love so much.

If you would like to visit the vineyard there is currently a Groupon for it.


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