Battleship North Carolina

The Battleship North Carolina, across the river from downtown Wilmington, is an excellent historic site to visit.  The Battleship serves as a memorial so it is open everyday for touring.  The tours are self guided and will take you about 2-3 hours to walk.


We decided to head over to the Battleship on Saturday and had a wonderful time walking through the ship.  We arrived around 2pm and finished the tour around 5 pm, which was perfect as it closes at 5pm during the winter months.

The Battleship’s tour takes you up to where the ship is navigated and down to bottom where the engine room is.  You will also climb down into where the missiles were stored and walk through the galley.  In fact there aren’t many places you won’t be able to wonder into.  There is also quite a bit of ladder climbing involved on this tour so make sure you wear comfy shoes!


The history enthusiast and the extra hyper child alike can find something they love about the Battleship.  We took our boys and one enjoyed using the huge anchor chain as a tight rope and the other enjoyed trying to figure out what different parts of the engine actually did.  Drew and I walked through and enjoyed everything, from reading the plaques that tell you where you are and what it’s purpose is, to trying to swing through the door openings.


For those interested in crossing the river, there is a water taxi that makes the trip super convenient and gives you a chance to enjoy the scenery that surrounds the Battleship.


For more information on the Battleship click here.



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