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What about the fur babies?

When anyone has as many animals as we have, this is a very valid question.  What about the fur babies when we travel?  Not only do we have our four kids, we also have two dogs, two cats, a rabbit, a hamster, two fish, and 18 chickens… Did I get them all?  I think so.

That is a long list.  The good news is leaving a list for the housesitter/babysitter is not that bad because our children will still be here and they know how to take care of the animals.  However,  I created a check list for my fur and feathered and fin babies that hopefully will help me and you keep track of what to leave behind and stock up on.

  1. The first thing is probably the most important.  The feeding information.  This will include where the food is, how much to feed, when to feed it, and how soon to let them out after being fed.
  2. Vet phone number and shot records. This one is almost as equally as important as the first, however my dogs are pigs in disguise so they will disagree with me saying the food is the most important.  Keep a record of the shots handy for the sitter.  While your vet will probably have them if something happens and the sitter has to take them to another vet or emergency vet having the shot records will make it a lot easier.
  3. Water!  This might seem like a no brainer as most people leave water out all the time for their pets, however is there a certain time of day you notice the water getting low?  With our chickens every night we go out and give them fresh water, and during the summer we do this in the morning too, leave this information for the sitter so he or she knows when the best time is to check for low water.
  4. List of quirks.  This is for all animals.  Yes I do this even for my chickens.  We have three that aren’t kept in a pen in night though they have a coop and they like to come peck at our toes like they are worms…Little stuff like this or does your dog like to dig in the trash can when you aren’t around (I have one of those!)
My rabbit that likes to eat cat food

Another good idea to leave with the list of quirks is the phone numbers of people who know the animals well and come over often, like your friends or neighbors.  This may seem extreme but it’s my fur babies!  This is for your sitter when he or she thinks your pet is acting strange.  The sitter can call one of the friends to come over and say hi to the pet and see if it’s “missing mommy” or actually is sick.

Ok, that is all on my list!  While we do worry a lot when we travel about the kids and animals we always leave behind the best sitters so we know if anything goes wrong it will be taken care of.



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