Honeygirl Meadery

Drew and I visited the Honeygirl Meadery in Durham, North Carolina today.  Honeygirl Meadery is a small production meadery making hand-crafted wines made in small batches using all natural ingredients.

To be honest when we went there I had no idea what exactly a mead was, but it’s actually quite simple to understand.  The staff was super friendly and explained that a mead is a honey wine.  Where wines use grapes, meads contain the three basic ingredients of honey, yeast and water.  From the three ingredients more ingredients are added to get the different flavors like the lavender mead, or vanilla mead.

meadery1 (2)

When we pulled up to the outside, I have to admit we were a little worried we were in the wrong place and it looked like a production facility.  We went in the front door to the very cozy reception and tasting area and we found out why it looked like a production facility.  It is one.  All of the meads are produced and bottled in the same building and if you got at the right time you will get a chance to tour the facility.

I will say that meads are not for me and Drew.  We tried seven out of the nine meads that ranged from dry to semi sweet and the Fig Orange Mead was the only one we could picture drinking again.  However if you are a fan of meads this is definitely a great place to head to.

For the Spring of 2017 their mead list includes:

  • Hibiscus Lemonthyme mead
  • Wildwood mead
  • Blueberry mead
  • Orange Blossom mead
  • Lavender mead
  • Vanilla mead
  • Ginger mead
  • Spiced Apple Cyser
  • Fig Orange mead



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