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Sunday Travel Deals

I am crying writing this post.  I really really want to take the China trip….did I mention really?  It’s just not in our current budget, but man oh man I want to.  So here we go…this week’s awesome travel deals…so awesome you might be in tears like me.

  1. 11 days, 9 nights 5 city China vacation including air and hotels a few meals and ground transfer for….are you ready for this? $599!!!  Ok the low down (do people still say that?) is there are limited seats from each city.  Flying from San Francisco is $599 and Boston $699 and so on….so it does go up by airport.  This is for dates in November and December. Guys this is seriously an awesome deal!
  2. My second one isn’t necessarily a trip, but a really good deal nonetheless.  So right now Southwest has their Spring sale going on.  This means if you book by March 16th you can find deals on flights from $69 and up.  This is for travel dates between March 28th and June 15th and also dates between August 15th and September 29th.

Ok be honest…did you cry when you read the first deal?



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