Week in Review

A Peek Into My Life This Past Week

Welcome back to the week in review Monday post.  This week has been very trying as our weather here is up and down, and we are trying to get everything ready for Florida.

What I am Packing for this week

Florida!  We are spending four days in Florida!  When we planned this family trip, we decided to do Florida without the Disney so we have a lot of interesting places we want to go to and try out that no one is our family has previously visited.

What I am Happy about this week

Florida again! We are leaving for Florida on Thursday!  Woohoo!  Less than a week to go and trust me when I say the whole family is on pins and needles with anticipation of this trip.  We have changed around our itinerary so many times that honestly I think the whole family would just like for us to leave for the trip so I quit asking them “But what about…..”

What I am Loving/Hating this week

I am combining this category this week and you will see why.  I am loving my house finally being straightened up and cleaned.  I absolutely hated the top to bottom scrubbing me and the kids have been doing over the past week trying to get it ready for our housesitter

What I am Reading this week

Ok you guys, to be honest I haven’t read that much this week due to all my spare time being spent cleaning.  I did make it through about a quarter of Jodi Picoult’s  Sing You Home.  Jodi Picoult is one of my favorite author’s and I love how she tells the stories no one else seems to want to write about.

What I am Worried about this week

This week we have been having issues with a school bully and our son, so a lot of my worrying this week has been centered around that.  Beyond packing and cleaning this issue has taken up the rest of our time resolving this, but I think this issue is finally taken care of!

What I am Excited about this week

I won’t bore you guys with saying Florida again, so I will say CHICKENS!  Our chickens have finally started laying on a regular basis again which means consistent fresh eggs.  Over the winter our chickens dropped to laying about 2 eggs a day, which considering we have 18 chickens that is not a good number.  Now that spring has finally hit and we have more daylight we are finally getting more eggs again!



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