Fresh out of the Car Florida Favorites

As you can tell by the title, I am writing this literally fresh out of the car, well ok the van.  The family trip to Florida was an extremely fun adventure and the kids, of course, want to go back.  I will go into more detail in later posts about the places we went and what we saw but for now here are the favorites!

  • Favorite coffee shop – Crucial Coffee Café in St. Augustine.  The place was the first coffee shop I saw when we reached St. Augustine and everything from the atmosphere to the coffee was divine.
  • Favorite restaurant – Johnny Rockets in Orlando.  We didn’t get a chance to try much in the way of restaurants while we were in Florida as we have picky eaters, but this 50’s diner was a hit with the kids and adults alike.
  • Favorite moment – The family snuggled under a blanket (it was COLD) drinking coffee and watching in silence as we waited for the manatees to surface at Blue Springs State Park.
  • Favorite dessert – Hyppo Gourmet Ice Pops in St. Augustine.  The ice pops were so yummy!  I had a strawberry basil one and Drew had a mango mojito ice pop.
toes in the sand
This last one is not really a favorite but a “most likely”.  The place we are most likely to return to in the near future is St. Augustine.  Drew and I both agreed that we didn’t get to enjoy even half of this city and we are already planning a return adults only trip so we can see and do more!  We spent the better part of our 7 hour car drive home talking about rearranging our travel schedule this year so we could squeeze in a return trip.



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