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Sunday’s Travel Deals

It’s the start of another awesome week!  This week I have put together a few deals for your booking pleasure that are pretty good deals if I do say so myself, although none of them made me cry like the last post about travel deals.  Here with go with the deals that caught my fancy during this weeks browsing.


  1. 5 Day Iceland Vacation with Airfare and Hotel for $$669 – I liked this deal for two reasons, first of all it includes breakfast (except for day 2) and Iceland’s food prices are relatively high.  The second reason I liked this deal is there is an optional Northern Lights tour you can take if the conditions are right.  To get the $669 price tag you will need to fly out of New York on 11/6/17 and use the code “OFF” at checkout for an additional $30 off your total.  (The deal is $699 without the code).  If you are new to Groupon when you sigh up they give you a code for 20% off up to $30 max, so you can also use this to get the $669 price.  Today is the last day to use the “OFF” code.  This one is a little more than the $100 a day max spending I usually use as a guideline for great deals, but with Iceland being more expensive once you arrive I still think this is a good deal.
  2. 11 Night Atlantic Coast Cruise – This is on the cruiseline Holland America, and Drew and I have talked about taking this cruise for awhile.  The price is $549, however is makes my cut for staying around or under the $100 a day max spending for a trip.  In fact it averages for about $50 a night which includes all meals and a place to sleep and on board activities.  This cruise leaves April 25, 2017 from Boston and cruises up the coast hitting Prince Edward Island, Quebec, Nova Scotia and more.  If you are looking for a last minute relaxing getaway this might be more up your alley.

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