Week in Review

A Peek into my life this past week

Welcome to another weekly review.  This is where I take a break from travel posts to keep you guys up to date on the happenings in my life.  I missed last week’s post because we were in Florida soaking up the sun,  but this week we are back to the regular scheduled programming!

What I am reading this week

So this week I started listening to Game of Thrones by George R.R. Martin.  I have the book and have read it before but Drew introduced me to audibles on the drive to Florida and I must say, I am in love!  We drove through the night to get there Friday morning and listening to the book not only kept me awake, but I also found out that me, a self proclaimed bookaholic, actually likes listening to books!

What I am Happy about this week

We had a successful first family vacation!  We are a new family of six and I was so worried about the little stuff that I didn’t sleep for two nights leading up to the vacation. The sleepless nights were not needed because we had a blast!

What I am Excited for this week

Ok so I haven’t told you guys a lot about myself, but here goes a little background on me so I can explain this category to you.  With my house constantly being full of people, kids, animals, and tons of stuff, my house is always a mess.  This week I managed to clean out and organize my bathroom, kitchen and the kids/guest bathroom.  I have been watching minimalism videos on YouTube and I am slowly condensing and decluttering to make it easier to keep my house clean.

What I am Writing about this week

I have been writing non stop about our Florida trip!  I am trying to write everything down so I don’t forget a single thing.  We went to some really nifty spots in Florida and I can’t wait for the posts to go live.

Where we traveled

So you guys know we went to Florida, but here is a list of where exactly we were at.

  • Blue Springs State Park
  • De Leon State Park
  • WonderWorks
  • Paradise Beach
  • Castillo de San Marcos National Monument
  • St. Augustine

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