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Sunday Travel Deals

Happy Sunday!  So really quick, in case you are new to this Sunday post, I wanted to give you my criteria for the deals.  My goal, on trips, is to keep the cost under $100 a day.  The lower it gets from that price point the better.  The $100 includes the transportation to get there, transportation while there, and accommodations.  For example, if an 8 day trip to Spain is over $799 with airfare, hotel and car rental, then I don’t consider this to be a good deal so I won’t post it.

And now let’s get on to this week’s deals.  Happy Traveling!

  1. 10 Day guided tour in China with airfare and hotel for $719  This deal also includes 13 meals and the admission for all places you will be stopping on the itinerary which steps it up a little as a good deal.  The $719 option is flying from Denver or Portland with a few dates in December 2017 and one date in January 2018.
  2. 8 Day Italy Vacation with airfare, hotel and rental car included for $649  This is flying into Milan from New York City on 11/30/17 and staying in Tuscany for the majority of your trip.  Daily breakfast at the hotel is also included in this.
  3. 7 day Carnival Cruise for $389  There are two weeks for this price one this month and one in December 2018 if you like to plan ahead.  This price is about $56 a night and leaves plenty of room for travel to get to Miami.  The ports are Belize, Mexico and Honduras on Carnival Glory, and as you know cruises include all food and entertainment.
  4. Free admission to National Parks April 15-16 and April 22-23 national parks have free admission.  Enjoy heading out to explore the national parks for free.

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