Week in Review

A Peek into My Life This Past Week

Welcome back to the Monday post where I take a break from the travel deals and destination posts to write about what I have been up to.  This week I have been concentrating on getting outdoors and enjoying the weather.

What I am happy about this week

The weather, the glorious weather!  It’s been in the high seventy’s all week and my family and I have been working been working outside with the chickens and the landscaping.  We finally got the grass cut and the bushes trimmed along with getting the chickens a bigger run to play in, so we have made some progress outdoors.

What I am loving this week

I am loving that Spring break is coming up! While I homeschool my daughters, my sons are still in public school and this last semester has been really hard on all of us with the papers, the school field trips (to Washington DC leaving at 4:30 am and returning at 12:00 am).  We are really looking forward to the week off to reset and get ready for the end of the year.

What I am reading this week

I am still listening to Game of Thrones on audibles.  I think I am going to still with series for a while.  It’s kind of amusing to me that I hated watching the series on TV and actually didn’t even make it through the first season.  But listening to the books, I can’t wait for the next chapter and the next book.

Where I have been this week

Drew and I haven’t had much time to go out and explore this week, however we did get a chance to go to Adams Vineyards for a wine tasting.  We have a new favorite wine that you will be able to read about later this week once I get the post written.

What I am hating this week

The pretrip worries have begun.  I started having the nightmares of missing planes and nothing but rain for our trip to Italy.  This happens every time we go on a trip, and with Italy so close it was bound to happen, but I was hoping it wouldn’t happen this time.  No such luck.




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