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Adams Vineyards

This past weekend, Drew and I decided it was time to set off for another vineyard and try something new.  We chose Adams Vineyards as it was under a 45 minute drive to get there and from word of mouth.  Never underestimate word of mouth.  At every vineyard we have visited we were asked “have you visited Adams yet?” implying it is really good or really bad.

We pulled up to the vineyard, and parked by a building that resembled a warehouse.  As we walked inside I will say we weren’t very impressed.  The decorations were simply and few and far between.  Our hostess smiled and greeted us warmly and we decided to try all the wines on the list.  There were a lot but we had time and wanted to give it a fighting chance against our favorite.

As we chatted with our hostess (who gave us her name, but I am really horrible with names) we realized she knew wine.  Like really knew wine.  At the tastings we have done prior to this the hostess would always recite a script about the wines we were tasting never offering more or less.  This hostess told us about the wines she was pouring and the wines up and down the east coast and the differences between all of them.  We even mentioned we were heading to Italy soon and she started talking about those wines as well giving us information and comparing it to the wines we were tasting.

Apart from the very knowledgeable hostess, the wines were superb.  We ended up buying a case.  At each vineyard we go to we buy one or two bottles, but at Adams, it was a case.  We left the vineyard knowing we will be back when the case is gone.

For this tasting we tried 11 wines from dry to sweet, and our favorites were as follows.

  1. PaPa Johnny’s – semi sweet white wine
  2. Willow White – sweet white muscadine wine
  3. Matthew Red – semi sweet red wine

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