Week in Review

A Peek into My Life this Past Week

This week flew by in a rush!  I feel like I barely did anything, but I actually accomplished quite a bit….at least I think I did.

What I am happy about   Being the huge procrastinator, I just finally got my international driver’s license!  Woohoo!  I only need that for the trip to Italy next week.  But at least it’s done and it was a quick and easy process.0001tower

Where I traveled to    We drove to Charleston, West Virginia on Saturday, and on the way back we stopped at the Big Walker lookout in Virginia.  This is on top of the Big Walker mountain and it’s an observation tower 100 feet in the air.  The views are breathtaking, but the tower swaying back and forth almost caused me not to climb to the top!  Happily we made it up and down the tower steps without an issue (of course) and for the next hour my legs were shaking from climbing all those steps.

What I am excited for   Italy!  We are heading to Italy next week for eight days and I am very excited for the trip.  I have been researching what to do in Tuscany for the past…well since we returned from Florida and I can honestly say I am not sure what exactly we are going to be doing.  We have a few must have’s for the trip like seeing Lucca, and doing a wine tasting, but we have decided we are going to get there and see what people recommend.

What I am nervous about  Packing for Italy is a big one.  We are just doing carry ons which isn’t bad.  We aren’t taking a lot of clothes or anything, but this is our first time traveling only using carry ons, so I am nervous about the airport and not packing enough.  At least I am packing soap for cleaning the clothes if we need to.



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