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Is Wonder Works Worth It?

This upside down building can be found in numerous different cities like Myrtle Beach, Pigeon Forge and of course Orlando.  While we were in Florida recently we decided this would be a good stop for the kids to enjoy something out of the ordinary.  Not knowing what to expect we headed into the upside down building and were shocked at the price.  The admission price was a little over $160 for the six of us.  I will be honest, I was not expecting that much considering it looked like a small building.  Ok so it was a learning experience for us about checking prices before going into a new place, but we paid the price and hoped for the best walking through the twirling tunnel.

002 wonder works

I must say we were pleasantly surprised by what was contained in the small building.  We arrived right as it was opening at 9 am and stayed till noon.  This is something I definitely recommend if you are going to squeeze this in while you are visiting Orlando.  When we arrived the only other people in the building were the employees, and it stayed that way till around 10:30.  The reason this is important is because with your admission you can do the ropes course and motion theater as many times as you want.  So without a line you can come off the ride and start again without any issues.

The way Wonder Works is set up you walk through different zones like the physical challenge zone or the natural disasters.  We started our journey through the natural disasters trying our hand at becoming a human lightning rod and getting a new hair do in the hurricane shack.

00bed of nails

After trying out the other exhibits, we headed on to the physical challenge zone.  So have you laid on a bed of nails?  Would you like to try?  This is your place to do it.  I have to admit it is not the most comfortable bed I have laid on, but it was fun to say I have done it!  This zone also had virtual sports, pulley power, mind games and a bubble area.  Pulley power was a close second favorite of mine in this area as you are trying to lift your own weight uses pulleys.

The light and sound zone came next and was my least favorite area.   They had a giant piano that you could walk on and play and a huge light brite, but for the most part this area seemed more like a hallway to get to the space zone.

The space zone is where we spent a good portion of our time.  Three of my children and Drew repeatedly road the wonder coaster and the astronaut training challenge while me and my other child checked out the Mercury capsule and tried our hand at landing the space shuttle and maneuvering a rover over Mars surface.


After leaving the space zone we headed to the ropes course or walking on the ceiling as my kids call it.  The glow in the dark ropes course is above a little arcade area and has something for everyone.  Easier parts for kids just learning and becoming braver, to harder parts for those wanting to test their tight rope walking skills.  You do wear a fall arrest system and you must wear closed toe shoes and no skirts allowed.  The timer is set for 15 minutes, but you can do this as many times as you want with your admission so go early so you can come down and go right back up.  Also in this area is laser tag, which one game comes with your admission and additional games are available for purchase.

So is Wonder Works worth it?  In my opinion, yes.  It’s relatively cheap in comparison to other attractions in the area, and a very good way to let the kids or adults wonder and explore for a few hours.  I would give yourself about four hours here but it’s great for that one last thing before getting in the car and driving home, or as an easy day away from the crowds of the amusement parks.






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