Trish's Table Week in Review

A Peek Into My Life this Past Week

Greetings from Parma, Italy and welcome to my weekly review of what is going on in my life!  I have lots to see and do so let me jump right into my review.

Where I am traveling to  So this week we started in North Carolina, drove to New York then flew to Italy where we rented a car and are currently driving around Italy.  So far we have drove through Milan and Parma and tomorrow we are setting out again, although where we are heading I am honestly not sure.  We talked about going to Florence or Lucca, but it depends on where the road takes us.

What I am happy about this week  I am very happy that this trip, so far, has not had any major hiccups.  Up until the last minute, literally, we had issues coming up involving this trip, more on this in an upcoming post, but so far it has been a very relaxing trip with the major issues resolving themselves.

What I am stressing about this week  Driving in Italy!  I am by no means a slow and cautious driver, but so far in Italy that is what other drivers think of me.  I am getting honked at left and right for my driving too slow when I actually think I am speeding.  Tomorrow we are hopefully heading out of the bigger cities and onto the country roads which I am hoping will produce drivers less in a hurry to run people off the road.  I will let you.

What I am excited for this week  This is a tough one this week because the answer is EVERYTHING.  Although I will admit the one thing that tops everything else is the food.  The glorious food.  Thank goodness we are walking through most cities and towns we stop at or I would be putting on pounds and honestly wouldn’t care as long as I got a chance to eat the glorious food.


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