Trish's Table Week in Review

A Peek Into My life This Past Week

We are finally back in North Carolina after a positively wonderful holiday in Italy.  We got to experience so much while we were there, it was amazing!

Where I traveled to   For fear of being too redundant, let me give you the town names of where we went on our Italy trip.  For the most part we stayed in Montecatini Terme and traveled to Lucca, Pisa, Florence, Saturnia, Montecarlo, San Vincenzo, and Maremma.  We flew back to New York and drove back home to North Carolina as well this week.

What I am happy about  Italy was amazing, but what I am really happy about is coffee more to the point the fact that I have a Keurig that makes a cup of coffee in less than a minute…sound strange?  I am currently surviving on coffee because for some reason I could adjust to the time change going to Italy, but coming back…I have been home for two days now and I am only awake and writing this because of this wonderful beverage.

What I am excited for   Does sleep count?  Ok so if sleep doesn’t count I will say I have been drooling over a trip to southern Germany and I think I have almost got Drew talked into it.  I found a great deal on a trip over to Germany while we were waiting for our flight back to the United States, so I had a good 8 hours straight on the plane of talking nonstop about it…I think I have won him over on it.

Big decisions made for this week   This holiday was awesome, but what Drew and I really want to do is find a way to take 3-6 weeks and take a train through Europe.  To make this a reality is a little more complicated than most for most people as you guys know we have a full house with kids and animals.  Even though this might seem like the impossible to do we are committed to finding a way to make this happen.  We have started brainstorming for ideas, and so far we haven’t come up with much except where our must sees are in Europe, but as this idea progresses I will keep you guys up to date.


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