Paradise Beach and driving the A1A Highway learning what a beach trip means

While we were in Florida, we decided we had to go to a beach, right?  I mean what is a Florida vacation without a beach trip? We went to Florida in March and on the day we decided was “beach day” the high was 78 degrees.  Yep you read that right. Around 25 degrees Celsius.  We were staying in Orlando for Wonder Works and decided it was warm enough to brave it.  We were wrong, but that didn’t stop my kids from rushing head first into the water then burying themselves in the sand to stay warm.

paradisebeach I won’t say it was a failed beach trip, because it really wasn’t, just maybe a little ill planned.  Not nearly enough towels and blankets were packed to stay warm however no one got sick from being so cold and wet so that is a plus.  The beach wasn’t too crowded and there were quite a few other brave souls swimming as well but they seemed to be a little better prepared than my family.  The kids informed us they did have fun, but as we walked back to the car, with their teeth chattering, I could hear the mumblings of “getting warm” and “never again”.

The real fun at the beach happened when we were driving from the Kennedy Space Center up to St. Augustine.  We had just spent the day at the space center and decided we would drive along the coast at sunset (the sun was not setting over the water) for some nice scenery.  What we didn’t realize is that all up and down the A1A highway there are pull offs for parking and the beaches below were completely empty.

a1ahwy1This is when I learned that swimming on a beach is not the only beach activity on a Florida trip.  We pulled off at almost every parking area and the kids darted out of the car and ran down to the beach (fully clothed not getting near the water) and played tag with the waves and each other,  stopping only to collect shells.  You would thinking after living four years in Hawai’i I would know there is more to do at the beach than swimming, but I honestly forgot when it came to planning our family Florida trip.a1atiff

We reached St. Augustine tired and happy.  The kids carried all their shells into the hotel and carefully rinsed them off in the sink comparing and commenting on each others shells.  It wasn’t considered a beach day by any means, but it was definitely a beach memory the kids can hopefully remember when they head to a beach during spring break trip and the weather isn’t being that cooperative.


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