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Weekly Review – A to Z Travel Challenge

Welcome back to my weekly review!  This past week both Drew and I were sick so we did not do anything really worth mentioning so instead I decide I would post my in-progress A-Z travel challenge.

For those of you who do not know, the A-Z travel challenge is to list the places you have traveled to, in alphabetical order and getting one for each letter of the alphabet.  So below is my list so far for this year.  I still have 11 letters to go, but it’s only the beginning of May, I am pretty sure I will get all the letters filled by the end of December!

  • A = Adam’s Vineyard in North Carolina
  • B = Blue Springs State Park in Florida
  • C = Castillo de San Marcos in St. Augustine Florida
  • D = DeLeon Springs State Park in Florida
  • E =
  • F = Florence in Italy
  • G =
  • H = Hinnant Winery in North Carolina
  • I = Indianapolis, Indiana
  • J =
  • K = Kennedy Space Center in Florida
  • L = Lucca in Tuscany Italy
  • M = Montecatini Terme in Tuscany Italy
  • N =
  • O =
  • P = Pisa in Tuscany Italy
  • Q =
  • R =
  • S = Saturnia in Italy
  • T =
  • U =
  • V = Vincenzo, this is a stretch at the city is actually San Vincenzo, Italy
  • W = Wonder Works in Florida
  • X = Xenia in Ohio
  • Y =
  • Z =

And that is it for the A-Z challenge so far.  If you have any ideas for the remaining letters let me know.


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