Week in Review

Weekly Review

This week, I really tried to make up for my sick week so it was definitely a busy week for me!  Here are some of the highlights of the week along with updates on what’s going on.

What’s new this week 

The YouTube channel finally has a vlog up!  It is very choppy as I am still trying to figure out exactly how to record vlogs, but these were recorded in Italy and I wanted to get them up to see the reactions.  You can check out the vlog here.  We spent most of our time in Italy lost so I am going to try a Lost in Italy mini series, we will see how it performs.

I got the first couple of posts about Italy up on my blog, it’s only about time.  These took quite a while to write because there was so much I wanted to say, but had to condense it down.  You can read about Saturnia here.  I must admit writing about driving in Italy was hysterical.  Drew and I sat down with a bottle of wine and I asked him what he liked and disliked about driving in Italy, then later went back to that list edited and here is what we came up with.  I was debating on creating a YouTube sit down and chit chat about driving in Italy as well, but still haven’t decided on that.

Upcoming Travel Plans

The travel plans for May were canceled for a couple of reasons, but the main one is no paid time off!  The joy of corporate America is that you only get so many days off a year and with Drew being sick last week, it ate into our travel plans.  Not too worried as travel plans change frequently, but I was looking forward to New Orleans.  Maybe next month!

Quick question for my followers, has anyone been to the Georgia Guidestones?  Drew and I were debating on making a short day trip to see it, but we can’t decide if it’s worth it.  I want to go mainly because of the mystery surrounding it.  Let me know if you have been and what you think about it being a day trip.




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