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Weekly Review


Do you ever look back on a week and think, “Where did this week go?”.  That’s about what I feel about last week.  My birthday was on Saturday and I spent the day thinking about how much has changed since my last birthday and how much I hope to change before my next.  One of the big goals I hope to make before my next birthday is traveling to at least 4 different countries and 4 different states.

What I am excited for   This is going to sound so bad, but I am excited for sleep.  Drew and I got a puppy and we haven’t slept since we brought him home a week ago.   Since that is pretty boring I will add I am very excited for summer.  Some of the plans have changed due to the puppy but we are still visiting some kick butt places!

Where I am traveling to  We had a little change of plans so for Memorial Day so in a week we are traveling to Virginia to take the children to Great Wolf Lodge.  If you have never been and you have kids this is a must go to place.  The price is a little high, but the kids enjoy it.  I am debating on doing a post about whether or not it’s worth it, stay tuned!

Blog updates  We have decided to make a few changes with the blog.  The layout has changed from a fun easy going vibe, to one that is a little more easy it navigate.  I spent all day Sunday, literally at least 8 hours and probably more, working on the setup of the blog.  While I am still fine tuning the categories and navigation tabs, I at least have the layout the way I want it!

Summer plans  We have decided to add the Georgia Guidestones into our summer destinations, if for no other reason than to say we went.  Along with that you will also see more posts about local places to visit.  When I say local I mean east coast.  I read tons of blog posts about New York, California Nevada and Florida which makes it seem like they are the only places to visit in the U.S., but we are hoping to shed some light on other equally exciting places to visit while we are waiting for our next international trip.  Don’t worry we will include wineries from different states as well!




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