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11 Unconventional Ways to Make Extra Money for Travel

So you want to travel, but have no wiggle room in your budget to save money.  Yep been there done that, and come to think of it Drew and I are still there!  I made a list of tried and true methods that Drew and I use to pad our travel account, so when a great travel deal is found we can jump on it.  Some of these ideas will only pay you $36 or $50 a year, and some the sky is the limit on what you can make, it all depends on how much time and effort you are willing to put into them.

And here it is.  Our 11 unconventional ways to make extra money.  Let me know if you have tried any of these or if you have some ideas that are not on my list.

  1. Get paid to lose weight with Healthy Wage.  Oh yeah, you read that right.  This might seem to good to be true, but it’s not.  You make a personal weight loss bet and when you lose the weight within the timeframe you make money!  Check it out if you are looking to lose some pounds.  There a people who make a lot of money with this, like 2-4k, just beware you must meet your goals you set.
  2. Use Decluttr to sell your old DVDs, CDs and cellphones.  I don’t know about you, but I had a ton of DVD’s that we don’t watch anymore due to having Netflix and Hulu so this is a no brainer.  Make money and declutter, it’s a win win.
  3. Sell your makeup to Glambot.  Got sample sizes you aren’t using? An eyeshadow that you tried and it was the wrong shade?  Glambot will buy your makeup, it doesn’t matter if it’s new or gently used.  They even send you a shipping label to make it easy.
  4. Sell your photos.  You are probably already taking photos with your phone and/or camera, why not make a little money with those photos?  If you are taking photos with your phone download the Foap app on your smartphone and upload those photos to make a little extra with your phone.  If phone photos aren’t your thing and you use a regular camera, upload your pictures to Shutterstock.
  5. Drive for Uber or if you don’t want passengers in your car and you live in a qualifying city you can drive for UberEats.  This is a make your own hours deal so you can do this when you have time.
  6. Use Ebates for your online shopping.  You are going to buy that Groupon anyway you might as well get some money back from that purchase right?  You have to book your flight through Expedia, wouldn’t getting some money back be nice?  Yep travel sites are on Ebates too!  The cash back is between 3% and 10% and is deposited into your paypal account four times a year.  If you use my referral link you do also get $10 added to your account after you make your first qualifying purchase.
  7. Sell your plasma.  Ok here me out on this one because I am squeamish about needles too.  You will make around $25 dollars per donations (check around for the best price) and depending on the location you can donate up to twice a week.  That adds up quick!  Now me I hate needles so I go maybe once a month, but that is still an extra $300 a year. Not to mention, I usually convince Drew to go with me so that is $600!yaarlo
  8. Take pictures of your receipts.  No seriously.  Yaarlo and Receipt Hog will pay you to take pictures of your receipts and upload them.  They are easy apps for your phone and I take the pictures while I am still in the store’s parking lot to make sure I don’t forget.  I have easily gotten $50 from Receipt Hog.  Yaarlo, however,  I have just started and haven’t reached the pay out threshold, but I am working towards it!
  9. If you shop on Amazon (and I know very few who don’t) you can make an easy $36 a year by downloading Shoptracker app from Harris Poll Online to your phone and linking your Amazon account.  They want to know what you are buying and will give you $3 to sign up with an additional $3 payout each month you leave it installed on your phone.
  10. Don’t delete your emails!  Use Paribus to get money back.  They scan your email for receipts from about 15 different retailers and if the price gets lowered or goes on sale they work with the store to get you the difference.  This is so awesome!  No work on your part.
  11. Finally and this is becoming more conventional than not, but get into affiliate marketing.  Everyone anymore has some sort of affiliate marketing program.  Jump onboard with a simple program like Amazon or ShareASale to start with, then branch out!


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    1. I had to work up enough nerve to go for my first plasma donation because I am terrified of needles. After the first time it does get easier, although I will say I still am not found of needles at ALL.

  1. These are fabulous ideas! I’m always looking for ways to get a little extra traveling cash! Uber Eats is a freaking awesome idea!!!

    1. Uber Eats is awesome! I haven’t used plain Uber because I don’t like the idea of strangers in my car, but if Uber Eats is in your area that solves that problem!

  2. These are great ways to make extra cash. I haven’t heard about UberEats and it’s quite interesting. I will definitely check this out.

    1. I do tend to give more plasma this time of year for Christmas gift money so I don’t have to dip into savings!

  3. Thank you so much for posting this. I am indeed a broke college student who is always looking for ways to make money (both conventional and unconventional). I have heard and even used some of these things, like DeCluttr and I have been debating with the idea for selling for plasma for months, but still I am so squeamish to do it. I will, however, give these other things a try.

    1. The first time is always the worst when donating plasma! Find someone to go with you the first time, that helped get me in the door.

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