Week in Review

Weekly Review

Another week of May has flown by.  Drew swears I stacked the deck to make this month go by quickly, and in all honesty maybe I did.  The month of May is better than December for me because I have Mother’s Day, my birthday, and our wedding anniversary all in one month.  The month is finally coming to an end and I am very happy summer is here!

Where I am at  Drew and I took the kids to Great Wolf Lodge in Virginia and I am sitting in the indoor water park writing this.  That’s dedication, right?  But honestly, it’s a bit too warm to sit in the hot tub so I am taking a break from being water logged, and trying to get some work done.

What I am excited about  Next weekend starts our little adventures in the southern part of the United States and up the east coast.  We are going to be taking our three dogs with us for most of the adventures and it’s the first time we have actually traveled with the pups so I am excited and nervous all at the same time.   Another thing we are both very excited about is that Drew got approved to work from home!  That means he can work from anywhere and it makes our summer travels a lot more doable.  For those of you who don’t know, I do have a full time work from home position as well.

0101RocketWhere we are traveling to  In the month of June, we have our trip to the Biltmore Estates and the Georgia Guidestones.  We are still wanting to make it to Washington D.C., but with the new puppy we are not sure if that trip is going to get moved to the end of summer or stay in June.  Our travel plans are slowly evolving over the year.  I do think next year instead of creating an itinerary  for the whole year in January, we are going to make plans along the lines of 6 small domestic trips and 2 international longer trips and let the actual months and dates of trips evolve over time.

Blog updates  So I am still trying to write the Sunday travel deals post, however for the last few weeks, I have not found any mind blowing deals.  I have certain criteria for the travel deals to meet for me to post them and if I can’t find any that meet that criteria, I am not creating the post.  I am still looking for the deals, and they will come as soon as I find some good ones, which will probably be towards the middle or end of summer.



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