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Summer is definitely here!  I spent the week hiding in the air conditioning, only coming out to wash the car and gather material for my next post.  I believe in writing as it happens or shortly thereafter so I remember all the details, which means for me to keep writing I must keep exploring.  This has proven to be challenging as I try to keep to a schedule so if I need material, Drew and I are heading out for the weekend whether we had “stay at home to relax” plans or not.

Where I have been This past week we went to the North Carolina Museum of Art Park.  I had honestly not heard about this place before and we sort of stumbled onto it.  The visitor count is super low, around 150k a year, but it was so nifty!  It was about a 2 mile trail that wound it’s way through a lot of nifty art pieces.

What I am excited about This coming weekend I am doing a road trip to Charleston, West Virginia.  I love driving through the mountains, and I am hoping there will be some interesting stories to tell after the road trip.  I am taking one of my dogs with me and Drew will not be coming along for the ride so we will see where this trip leads!

What I am reading This past week I started reading The Secret  by Rhonda Byrne.  I must be the last person in the world to read this book, but it has gotten rave reviews and being about half way through the book, I can see why.

Where we are heading this week  You guys already know about Charleston, but we are also checking out the Raleigh Little Theatre Rose Garden.  I am super happy about this because I love flowers.  I seem to have a black thumb that kills all plants I try to grow, but I do love gardens so this little hidden gem is definitely going to make me smile!




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