The Wall of Lucca

We did not purposely stop by Lucca, we actually missed the train to Pisa and had two hours till the next train left.  With two hours to kill, we decided to walk over and at least see the walls that every blogger or vlogger talks about.


Walking up to the walls, I could definitely see what the fuss is about.  They are very tall and imposing!  We followed people around a winding path and climbed a few stairs and a steep ramp and we were on top of the wall.  Now let me pause here to say when I heard everyone mentioning walking or bicycling on the wall I was thinking that the wall was maybe 5 feet across and it resembled a track at a gym.  That was not the case at all.


The top of the wall of Lucca is a park.  Beautiful well kept walkways, swings, trees and benches are found there as well as young children riding bikes, ladies doing yoga, and couples having a picnic.

Walking along the outer edge of the wall we saw many gated areas that pedestrians are not allowed and I can only assume these areas are from the days it was used as a defense rampart.  Now they are gated to keep the graffiti to a minimum.


For those of you wondering we did walk down into Lucca for a quick coffee before heading to Pisa.  Lucca was extremely busy, but that was to be expected visiting on a Sunday.  We still managed to find a café with a view and sugary goodness.


Trying to find our way back to the wall we did see some of the beauty Lucca has to offer.

After visiting Pisa, you can read about that here, I will say the wall of Lucca was the highlight of the day.


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