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Weekly Review

Welcome to my weekly post where I take a break from travel-related posts and I share about our life from last week and what I am really loving right now.

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Where I Went

On Saturday I drove to Charleston, West Virginia to drop one of my children off for the summer.  For all of my good intentions, I did not stop at any of the parks along the way to take pictures.  I honestly meant to and even packed my good camera for the trip, but since we were running late getting there, stopping on the way back would only mean me getting home after midnight.  I did enjoy the road trip watching the beautiful mountains pass by and the sunset in the rear view mirror.  There is a lot in West Virginia I was to stop and see.  Of course I have been making this drive four times a year for the last nine years and haven’t stopped yet, but one day I will.

What I am Reading

During my drive I listened to the audiobook The Secret by Rhonda Byrne.  This book was recommended to me and I can wholeheartedly see why.  Since my drive was over 13 hours, I did get a chance to listen to it twice.  I am definitely looking for more books to read or listen to on the Law of Attraction.  If you know of any good books let me know please!  I really enjoyed listening to this book.

What I Wrote

I am so excited I got a chance to write the post about Great Wolf Lodge.  If you haven’t read it you can hop over to it here.  This post has been years in the making, and is something that I have wondered about every time we went there.  I have wanted to write about it since I started the blog, but I waited till I had experience taking children of all ages there to finally write it.

What is Planned for this Week

We are taking a trip to western North Carolina for some hiking and exploring adventures this week.  I love hiking and I can’t wait to start this hiking season!  And for those of you wondering, yes we only hike in the summer and early fall.  We have quite a lot of hiking planned for this summer so I am super excited to kick it off in the mountains of North Carolina.


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