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Weekly Review

Welcome to my weekly post where I take a break from travel-related posts and I share about our life from last week and what I am really loving right now.


Where we went

We traveled to western North Carolina to see the Linville Caverns and the Linville Falls.  It was about a five hour drive for us, but totally worth it just seeing the caverns.  The falls were the icing on the cake for that trip.  We also took a trip into Raleigh to see some of the free attractions in the city.  To read more about these attractions visit this post.

Where we are heading next

We are heading to the Georgia Guidestones this coming week or the following.  We haven’t decided which weekend we want to make that trip.  We also want to return to western North Carolina to see the Biltmore Estate, Grandfather mountain of course for more hiking!  This coming weekend we are hoping to be planning our trip to Ireland, but we are waiting to see how that plays out before I go into too much detail on it.

What we are excited about

As you know Drew was approved to work from home, and Friday was his last day at the office.  Starting Monday he is a work from home employee!  This makes our traveling plans so much easier as we are now both remote employees!  We are also super excited about the possibility of the trip to Ireland. 





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