Linville Caverns


The Linville Caverns are located about an hour from Asheville North Carolina between Linville and Marion and deep beneath Humpback Mountain.  If you are visiting Asheville this is definitely worth your time as you will get about a 30 minute tour of some of the intricate underground passages.  The tour guide will point out most of the interesting formations, show you where the people who hid in there scarred the rock with their fire, and answer any questions you have.


Here are a few tips to make the most of your visit to the caverns.

  1. Bring a sweater.  The caverns stay at a constant 52 degrees year around.  This is a 30 minute tour so if you are like me and get cold in 70 degree weather bring something to stay warm…even if it’s 90 degrees outside.
  2. If it rained recently or is raining bring a water resistant jacket.  The caverns does have water that drips from the top and you will get splashes of water on you or your camera.  A water cover is not needed for the camera that I found, although be mindful of the water dripping when you are taking pictures.
  3. Flash photography is allowed and encouraged.  There are lights in the tunnel however I tried photos with and without the flash and thank goodness they allow the flash!  However additional lighting beyond the flash is not allowed.
  4. Wear closed toe shoes.  When walking into a mountain this should be an automatic, but I did see some people there in sandals!  At the end of the tour they ask you to walk through bleach to kill any bacteria or mold that you might have on your shoes from the caverns, it’s a little harder to do this in sandals.
  5. If you are claustrophobic stay to the back of the tour.  I found this was the best area for photos anyway, but there is a room in the cavern that you go into that you will get very close with your neighbor and the walls.  It is a first in last out room, so if you are the last one in then you will be the first one out.


It has very interesting rock formations throughout, and I definitely enjoyed the tour.  My last tip is to bring a snack or even lunch!  There is a beautiful creek across the parking lot that has picnic tables and chairs and it’s definitely worth a moment to sit down and enjoy the view before you get in the car.


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