Georgia Guidestones

Our fascination with the Georgia Guidestones started way before the travel bug.  Drew watched a YouTube video on the mysterious sites in the United States and caught a brief history of the Guidestones and the quest to make time to see them began.  We recently decided now was a good time so we piled our three dogs into our car and started the five hour drive.

So the real quick history behind the Guidestones.  The Guidestones were erected in 1980 In Elbert County Georgia.  They were purchased in 1979 by a man using a fake name from Elberton Granite Finishing company on behalf of “loyal Americans”.


We drove all the way to the Guidestones only seeing one sign right before we turned onto Guidestones Road.  What really threw us off is: the Guidestones are literally in the middle of horse pastures.  As we pulled up there was only one other car there.  I had read that the Guidestones were always crowded in the summer months, but since we chose a day that was rainy, it wasn’t busy.  During our time there only one other couple stopped by.


The Guidestones are inscribed in eight languages with four short messages in ancient languages at the top.  There is a stone on the ground that supposedly has a time capsule under it that explains what languages and how to use the astronomic features.


Now if you are traveling with your pups like we were I will say there are no signs saying dogs are not allowed, and there is plenty of room to walk them along the road by the pastures.


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