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Weekly Review

Welcome to my weekly post where I take a break from travel-related posts and I share about our life from last week and what we are loving and sometimes hating right now.

01trishhistorymuseum (2)Blog Update

I was looking at the stats on this blog and realized that I reached my 6 month mark!  Halfway through the year and I am still writing about our travels and adventures.  This is a huge deal because when I started this blog my family and friends told me this wouldn’t last, and it was just a midlife crisis phase.  The funny thing is I almost believed them, but Drew and I really wanted to travel, and I really wanted to write about it so we did it.  Six months later we are still doing it, and loving it so much our travels have pretty much over taken every conversation.  You never know where that one little “yes” will take you.  I said “yes” to writing this blog and so far it’s taken me up to New York, down to Florida and East to Italy, with plans to head West and further North to Ireland in the near future.

Where we went

This week I did not get to travel and explore really at all, however Drew did get pulled away due to work and got to drive to New York.  I however stayed home and took care of the puppies, cats and chickens.  That’s not to say I wasn’t busy.  While he was away I did get a chance to work on my blog and get a few posts scheduled along with planning out our adventures for the next few weekends.

What is planned for this week

As long as the weather holds out more hiking, if the weather doesn’t hold out we are doing museums.  I planned on the hiking before I checked the weather so it’s a wait and see game.  While rain doesn’t bother us, we hike with our dogs and I don’t like cleaning mud out of the seats.







  1. Congrats on 6 months for your blog! That’s great you have been able to keep up and continue writing. Haha I think I’m losing motivation to keep blogging. Did you also change your layout?

    1. I have changed the layout twice and changed the title once! I didn’t know which direction I wanted to take when I started so as I wrote more I tried to update everything to match the tone of my writing. And I did lose motivation once or twice, but Drew helps keep me focused by asking how I am going to write this story and what pictures we need to get for the post.

      1. Haha what layouts or titles did you use previously? I am thinking of upgrading my WP but I feel like it might not be justified with the lack of activity. Do you like the premium features?

        That’s awesome that Drew helps out. Haha I just had my husband Dana also help me with the most recent post about Cinque Terre since my time has been quite scarce this week. However, I had to pick new photos since the ones he chose of me were unflattering! (…and I added slightly more details shhhh)

      2. I don’t remember my first layout, but once I upgraded I switched to the Gema layout for a good three months and then finally about a month and a half ago switched to the current one, which I believe is the Dynamic News one. For the features….ok I am a little lame in that department. I haven’t really used any of the extra features yet. I did use the WordAds thing for about four months, but finally turned those off because I don’t make anything having them on my website and I honestly find all the ads annoying.

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