North Carolina Museum of History

0ncmh1I love museums.  The day we were scheduled to head to the North Carolina Museum of History, I was awake at sunrise asking Drew if we could leave yet.  Yep, I am that person.  We did have to find something else to fill our time before the museum opened and you can read about that here.

Let’s get the important stuff out of the way before I continue.  The North Carolina Museum of History is open Monday – Saturday from 9 to 5 and Sunday from noon to 5. Admission to this treasure is free and if you drive to the museum on the weekend parking is free as well.  During the week there is metered parking and parking for a fee.


We got to the museum right as it opened and were greeted by the awesome welcome team who gave us maps and told us the best place to start and what route to take to see it all.  We started in the exhibit called The Story of North Carolina.  This exhibit is HUGE and as you walk through you travel through thousands of years of history for the state of North Carolina.


We wondered through the rest of the current exhibits with my absolute favorite being the re-creation of a 1920’s drugstore.  Drew and I spent quite a lot of time in there even though its a small drugstore.  The old camera display and the register caught our attention and we spent quite a while discussing it and what has changed.  I can definitely say that old register is beautiful and I much prefer it to the current registers Walgreens uses.


We spent about 3 hours wondering through the museum but you could definitely see it in less time if you wanted to.  A few quick tips to make the most of it.  Try to get there as soon as it opens or about hour or two from close.  Early in the morning we pretty much had the museum to ourselves and it was awesome!  Plan to learn a lot about North Carolina.  This might be a no duh! statement but honestly I thought the museum was a history museum in general.  This museum is all about North Carolina.  So when you are walking through the exhibits about the wars you will probably never have heard of any of the wars because they aren’t the big ones taught in schools, they are all of the smaller ones that took place in North Carolina.  All the uniforms on display are all from soldiers from North Carolina.  You get the idea.  Lastly, pack some granola bars to eat.  The café is over priced and you will be hungry after all the walking you do in the museum, it’s bigger than it seems from the outside!



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