Trish's Table Week in Review

Week in Review

Welcome to my weekly post where I take a break from travel-related posts and I share about our life from last week and what we are loving and sometimes hating right now.


Where we traveled to

This week was a whirlwind week.  We spent the days after work driving into Saratoga to visit Saratoga Spa State Park and Congress Park, and then on Friday we headed out to the Peace Pagoda.  Saturday we hung out with family instead of heading into New York City and Sunday we drove back to North Carolina.  New York City is going to be it’s own trip up north sometime in the coming year, we just couldn’t squeeze it in this trip.  We were going to stay a little longer, but we had to get back and check on our other animals.

Plans for the coming week

For the first time in quite a while, we do not have travel plans for the coming week.  We are actually going to work on getting the house put together and ready for the kids to come home, and work on cleaning out the garage.  My neighbor found a snake in the garage while he was trying to feed the chickens so we are finally emptying the garage of all the stuff we do not have a use for and donating or trashing it.  Now having said all that, while I am writing this I am still tired from driving, so the plans might change a little to include the Museum of Art later this week as I like the weekends to be busy.

What I am loving/hating this week

I now have a love/hate relationship with traveling with my remote job.  I have decided it deserves it’s own post which will be upcoming in the weeks ahead, because I have that much to say about it.  For those of you who do not know both Drew and I work from home, my position is completely remote, and Drew’s position was in office and they let him work from home.  Perfect for a travel loving couple like us right?  For now I will say the answer to that question is yes…and no.

What I learned this week

Night driving no longer works for us.  We left Thursday night and drove through the night to get to New York at 6 in the morning.  We both had to immediately start working with no sleep and Friday was pretty much a foggy haze for me.  We drove home all day Sunday which was a lot better, so definitely night time driving is off the table for our travels around the U.S.

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