Saratoga Spa State Park

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We spent quite a lot of time of Saratoga Spa State Park, although not enough time in my opinion.  It started at night, we were on our way back from dinner and Drew said he wanted to show me something in the park and it would be a quick stop.  We drove through a beautiful park and walked across the street to what he wanted to show me.  It was a beautiful geyser in the middle of a fast flowing river.   We walked around the geyser and decided we would bring the dogs back tomorrow after work.

Saratoga Spa State Park is located just outside downtown Saratoga and offers 12 minerals springs, miles of trails, public pools, golf courses and more.


Here are some tips to make your trip to the park even better.  First of all if you are bringing your dogs, there is not need to pack water, just bring a water bowl.  There are plenty of spots to fill the bowl along the way not to mention a plethora a fresh spring water for your pup to enjoy.  Also, dogs must be kept on a six foot leash.  Next, definitely pack a picnic and take advantage of your time outdoors.  There are plenty of places to cook your food and enjoy the scenery.


Also take advantage of the Saratoga Automobile Museum or the Museum of Dance when you want a moment away from the heat or cold.  These museums are located on different sides of the park, but the drive between them is breathtaking.


This park is a beautiful stop if you are in Saratoga for the races and need a day away from the crowds, or if you just enjoy hiking and want a day out.  There is something here for everyone in every season.  Check out their website for all the winter activities.  If I liked snow even a little I would be heading back in the winter!

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