North Carolina Museum of Art


Let me first say, I am not an “art” person.  I would rather go somewhere new than stare at a painting trying to see the beauty in something hanging on a wall.  Now having said that I did enjoy the North Carolina Museum of Art.  Please keep in mind, I have visited exactly zero art museums before I went to this one, so I have nothing to compare it to.

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The North Carolina Museum of Art is made up of two buildings and a huge park.  You can read more about the park here.  The buildings are called the East Building and West Building.  The West Building houses the more permanent collections while the East Building receives new exhibits quite frequently.

“Lines of Humanity” in the African Art exhibit

When we visited the East Building housed the African art exhibit which was fascinating on a few levels for me.  There wasn’t a lot of hanging on the wall art except for the huge “Lines of Humanity” that is pictures above.  You are unable to see it in the picture but these are all separate pieces that are held together by copper wire.  It was awesome!  Now this type of museum I can enjoy!  The reason I say that is, this exhibit had pieces from all over Africa, almost every country was represented.  As a traveler, I can enjoy taking a glimpse into another country knowing that I will probably not get to visit every country in the world.


The West Building was stunning inside and out.  However this building, to me, was not as interesting.  This is where quite a lot of paintings are housed, although there was plenty of statues and pottery for us to enjoy as well.  We spent a good deal of time in the Egyptian Gallery as well as the European Gallery, but after that we walked through the rest of the galleries and decided, since nothing seemed too interesting to us, we were done.  For those of you that love art, this building has a little bit of everything.


Having been to zero art galleries before, I would say this is definitely an interesting stop even if you are not into art.  There really is a little something for everyone, including kids.  For those of you who love going to art galleries, which one is your favorite and why?  After this experience I am looking forward to visiting another to compare.

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