Trish's Table Week in Review

Biweekly Review

Welcome to my weekly post where I take a break from travel-related posts and I share about our life from last week and what we are loving and sometimes hating right now.


What Happened to the Weekly Review

So, if you are a frequent visitor to my blog you may have wondered if I decided to stop doing the weekly review, and even if you are not wondering, I will explain what’s going on.  I have done a weekly review for awhile now however with the kids starting back to school, and the traveling changing up a bit, I decided to try out a new approach.  I was going to switch it to a monthly review, but honestly my memory is so horrible that if I waited 30 days to write what was going on, I would forget half of the stuff by the end of the month and the other half of the stuff would be forgotten while I am trying to remember the first half.  So there you have it, that’s how my biweekly review was born. 

Changes to the way we travel

Our travel is going to change a little for the last part of the year.  About half of my traveling articles from now on will be from a family perspective, and the other half will be the norm.  The reason for this is we have quite a bit of travel planned for the remainder of the year that our four children and three dogs will be accompanying us on.  We do also have our Ireland trip in November, and this is not a family trip so there will be something for everyone in the coming months!


Where we traveled to

Since my last weekly review, we have visited the North Carolina Museum of Art and went hiking at Yates Mill Pond Trail.  We took the girls “hiking” at Yates Mill and it was a history lesson and a “wear the kids out” adventure all rolled into one.

Plans for the coming weeks

We have quite a few plans for the coming weeks, and one of them involves the North Carolina Zoo and Jordan Lake!  Very excited about those because I am a big lover of zoos.  I want to see them all!  Beyond that more hiking is definitely on the agenda and maybe even some tent camping.  However my job just made overtime mandatory so after work activities are going to be down to a minimum with most travel being done on the weekends instead.
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What I am loving this week

I am loving our new van, and I of course mean new to us.  We have been a one car family for about 6 months now and that one car was only a five seater vehicle and we have 6 in our family.  We made it work, and before you ask yes it was stressful, but we are firm believers in living like no one wants to so later we can live like others can’t.  We didn’t want a car payment because that would put a dent in our travels, so we just bought a 1994 van for less than a grand and all issues are solved. 


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