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Tent Camping 101 for the Prissies and the Sissies — Introduction


I have happily made it over 30 years without ever sleeping on the ground.  This is a fact I am very proud of because honestly the thought was appalling to me.  Who in their right mind would sleep on the ground outside with bugs and creepy crawly things when there was a warm bed somewhere inside?  Who would use those terrible bathrooms and shower houses willingly, when a hotel is almost always near by?

I am starting this new series on my blog and I wanted to explain a little about it.  This is going to be a fun and informative series about tent camping although you won’t find any of the information in this series mundane, because this guide is specifically for people like me.  People who for some reason find themselves camping when it’s not in their nature either because they don’t want to break a nail (hey I worked hard to grow those things!), or the thought of sleeping on the ground is appalling to them, or maybe you just aren’t an outdoor person.  This describes me…all of the above.

I got coerced into trying tent camping by my husband, and honestly after I figured out how to still look good, not get eaten alive, and start a fire without getting my hands dirty, I actually enjoy it.

The posts are going to address the “icky” side of camping that us prissy people aren’t okay with.  Now there aren’t going to be a lot of posts about what poisonous spiders look like or what to pack because honestly the internet is flooded with them.  These guides are more the stuff you didn’t know you could do to make tent camping likable and something you might even want to do again.

Now, I don’t know how you found this series.  Maybe your husband coerced you too, or maybe your kids are begging you for one night outdoors.  It could be you are dating someone and don’t want to seem like a complete sissy to them, or your friends are planning a trip and you really want to go just to drink beer and want to know how to survive….however you found it, welcome.  Welcome to a tent camping series that is sure you get you by in any “icky” situation you encounter.

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