Kerr Lake State Recreation Area


Kerr Lake is located about an hour north of Raleigh, and is where we recently decided to go for a camping excursion.  This 50,000 acre reservoir is located near the North Carolina/Virginia border and has quite a few campgrounds and a few activities to choose from like boating, swimming, picnicking, fishing and hiking.  I even saw a few canoes on the water, however I do believe you have to bring your own.

We started out heading up around noon on a Saturday, not really sure what we would find.  We did have a campsite reserved but not having a boat, I wasn’t sure what we would be doing till we could check in.  Lucky for us, our spot was empty and we checked in right away.  We immediately went swimming in the very warm water and proceeded to spend the entire day swimming.  I honestly haven’t played in the water that long since…well I can’t remember the last time.  It was so relaxing.


It was a beautiful weekend, the water was smooth like glass.  Even with the weather and water being perfect, we only saw three boats on the water the whole time we were there.  I am assuming the lake is big enough that they stayed away from our area being in a small cove, but I can say it wasn’t crowded because we walked down to the dock to check it out.

If you are looking for a nice lake to go boating or camping at around the Raleigh area, I highly recommend this one.  There are five access points that I know of and over 5 campgrounds many having campsites right on the water especially if you are tent camping!

What other places have you found around the Raleigh area to go camping/boating at?  We are planning on trying a few more before changing the location up and I am always looking for recommendations!

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