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Tent Camping 101 for the Prissies and the Sissies — Avoiding Bugs

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It’s time to talk about the creepy crawlers.  Now, I am not a fan of the bug sprays that you buy at the store.  Anyone else notice how they leave your skin sticky and most of them have that horrible odor?  This was a deal breaker for me as I refuse to get bit repeatedly by bugs, but I also refuse to use those nasty sprays.  Besides who wants to be known as the person who continually sprays themselves with bug spray while on a camping trip?

I have made a list of what works for me while tent camping and all of these things are prissy and sissy approved.  We have camped in the summer by stagnant water, and I have yet to get bitten by a bug.  Seriously.  I use a combination of all things listed below and that’s what works for me, but the moral of this is you can enjoy being outside without bugs or terrible smelling products ruining the excursion.

  • Tea Tree  – This is your best friend when it comes to tent camping or being outside in general.  Tea Tree is a natural insect repellent and it works.  You can add some to your body wash or just buy soap that has it, like Dr. Bronner’s Pure Castile Liquid Soap in Tea Tree.  We buy the 32 ounce bottle of this at the beginning of summer and use it as shampoo and body wash and never have problems with ticks or bug bites.  This soap does have an antiseptic smell, but it dissipates over time.  Use the soap right before you leave for the camping trip and every night you are there and you will be shocked at how well this works!
  • Sage – This is another favorite of mine that is very discreet.  When sitting around the campfire at night, casually drop some dried sage on the fire while going for another drink.  Burning dried sage is another natural insect repellent that really helps for those late nights outside.  This does have a strong smell so don’t drop a lot onto the fire, but a little goes a long way and makes for a more pleasant, bug free night.  You can also use this while you are cooking on the charcoal grill.  Just add a small amount of dried sage to the top of the charcoals, and it will keep the bugs away.
  • Peppermint Oil – It’s common sense not so where a sweet perfume when you are going outside, but us prissies and sissies usually like to smell good, so I add an extra layer of smelly goodness and bug protection by dabbing peppermint oil on my ankles and wrists.  This will smell very strongly for the first 30 minutes or so, but the smell dissipates after that to a nice mellow scent.

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  • Outdoor Mosquito Repeller Lantern –  This is AMAZING!  You will be outside without lights, except for the fire, so some sort of light is necessary, right?  The Thermacell Mosquito Repeller Lantern looks like a normal lantern and puts off a good amount of light.  Just carry this around with you and set it on the ground wherever you are sitting and this keeps those nasty little things out of your “zone” and boy does this work!  It’s a little pricey but worth every penny if you are stuck outdoors for any amount of time at night.

There are other ways I have researched to help repel the creepy crawlers, but the combination of the four above have worked the best for me.  Let me know if you have tried any of these methods and whether or not they worked for you too.

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