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August Monthly Review

Where did the month go?  No seriously I feel like this month in particular flew by!  We did so much this month, but with it being the first month we haven’t traveled out of state, it seems like we did a lot less.


This month I decided to start a new series on the blog.  The new series is doing really well and I am very happy it is so well received as I have started the preliminary research to turn the series into a book.  Also I have updated our tagline to include all types of travel.  I realized when we went camping that there are many different types of travel and there is not a one size fits all category for traveling, so we decided to turn the blog into a one for everyone and every style of travel.  Tent camping, you betcha.  International budget traveling, yep that too.  International luxury traveling, oh yeah.  Camping in a recreational vehicle, yeppers. We are even hoping to include cruises eventually. - Consistently the Lowest Price!

Travel Plans

Our current travel plans include more of North Carolina and South Carolina and maybe a quick trip to Indiana for September and October, then in November we are heading to Ireland.  Ireland is definitely our budget trip for this year because it wasn’t originally in the travel plans at all.  We found plane tickets for $99 from New York to Ireland and decided why not.  For this trip we are staying in AirBnB’s and hoping to keep our cost under $1200.  Doing pretty good so far!  We are at a total of $658 currently for the trip for both of us and that includes airfare.


I have started looking for more work that is outside the “normal” realm.  Most of you know that I work from home in a completely remote position, however I am looking to branch out and try to make my own schedule a bit more and follow someone else’s schedule a bit less.  With all of our traveling this is a slow shift because money needs to be stable for at least a little while, but I have taken on a few telecommuting positions that have no schedules only deadlines.  I might try to write a post later about the shift and how to find work that is schedule free, but we will see how that goes as I have my posts planned out for the next month.


We decided to homeschool our fourth grade daughters again this year after much debate.  While the public school system has a lot to offer, for us it will just work out better.  Our boys (age 13 and 12) are still going to public middle school and thriving so we still don’t see a reason to homeschool them.  This plays a lot into our traveling because even though the girls don’t have to worry about school days (they can do their schoolwork anywhere) the boys do have to worry about how many days they are absent.  Family travel becomes a little harder when public schools become involved.

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