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Tent Camping 101 for the Prissies and the Sissies – Sleeping

campfire01I addressed the most important concern for any prissy tent camper here in my post on avoiding bugs, now we can delve into the second most important topic for any prissy or sissy that is going tent camping….sleeping on the ground.  Wow, how does someone who sleeps with feather pillows and an extra soft mattress pad, sleep on the ground?

Well, for starters the sleeping on the ground is highly overrated.  You can actually tent camp without sleeping on the ground.  Hooray!  I  compiled a list of ideas you may or may not have thought of for making tent camping comfortable at night for even the prissiest of us.

  1. Bring an air mattress!  No seriously.  I travel with a queen size air mattress that fits perfectly in our four person tent.  You might ask where you inflate the air mattress…well in the shower house.  There are almost always electrical outlets there and you can inflate as many air mattresses as you want, they aren’t heavy, and while your friends may laugh, at least you will get a good nights sleep!
  2. Bring sleeping bag pads!  If you are worried about packing space, or just really don’t want your friends to laugh sleeping pads are the way to go.  These are usually foam or self inflating and a lot smaller than an air mattress.  They come in all shapes and sizes and usually have a price tag of $7.99 – $60 depending on what you want.  I bring the foam pads and put it under the air mattress just in case it loses air so I will never be on the ground.
  3. Bring a fan!  This is for summer camping mostly, but a fan is a must!  The fan I use is a light and a fan and the best part is it hangs from the top of the tent and cools the air but doesn’t blow the air straight on you.  I appreciate this type because in the middle of the night, when it finally cools off, you won’t have the cold air blowing straight on you making you sick.
  4. Bring earplugs!  This is for those of us not used to hearing all the insects and frogs and wildlife noises.  Once you are in your tent for the night, put in some earplugs for a better nights sleep.  You might actually forget you are sleeping outside.
  5. Lastly bring your favorite pillow!  This might seem like a no brainer, but I have to have my feather pillow to sleep on and no other pillow will do.  Just make sure you wash it when you get home because there is a good chance it will smell like a campfire!  However it’s worth it just to have those sweet dreams!

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