Funny Friday – Travel Stories

Starting today and every Friday going forward, I am going to share with you guys and gals some of my funny travel stories.  A lot of these stories can also be called “dumb blonde” moments but they mostly happened while traveling, and that is how the idea was born.

This first one happened when I first moved to Hawaii almost 14 years ago.  I had just gotten off the plane and we stopped for a bite to eat on the way to the hotel.  I saw a trash can at the restaurant labeled “Mahalo” and tucked that knowledge away for later.  Later that week we were at the shopping center and I was trying on samples of makeup when I asked the lady helping me where the Mahalo was.  She replied “excuse me?” and I repeated the question.  She asked me what I was looking for and I told her the trash can.  She informed me with the biggest smirk that “Mahalo” is “thank you” but the trash can is over there.

Lesson learned – Do not try to learn a language when you are jet lagged and tired… and if you make that mistake make sure you look up the meaning of the word before you regurgitate it.

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