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Tent Camping – Fall Essentials


Fall is here!  Apple cider, pumpkin patches and…. tent camping!  Yes I realize that last one was a stretch but honestly living in the southeast means during fall the nights are cooler, but the days are still warm.  As a family we love tent camping during fall, but there are a few essentials we never leave home without.  Some are a little out there, but hear me out, there is a good reason for everything on the list.

  1. Doritos and no not the generic brand.  Doritos are an absolute essential because they are super flammable.  No like seriously holy moly flammable.  On a cold fall morning we put a handful in the fire pit and grab the lighter and an instant fire is born.  No muss, no fuss, no waiting in the cold for the fire to get going.  Now the downside to this is I can almost guarantee you once you see exactly how flammable Doritos are you might not be inclined to eat them anymore.  Just ask my four kids who complain that I ruined their favorite snack.
  2. Extra socks.  These have quite a few uses, but my favorite use is as hand warmers in the morning.  My children always try to steal my coffee cup to warm their hands, so I started having them bring extra socks and they bring them to me and I wrap them around my coffee cup to warm the socks up the have the kids put their hands in them to stay warm.  Not only are my kids staying warm, but I still get to drink my coffee while it’s hot.
  3. Sleep with your clothes in your sleeping bag.  I know this seems like common sense but trust me the first time you forget to do it you will understand the importance of it.  Warm clothes are so much easier to get changed into, just saying.
  4. Pack extra warm beverages.  Coffee is awesome…I mean the best drink in the world beside wine, but some people (like kids) don’t drink coffee before bed so this is the time to pull out the apple cider packets or hot chocolate.  And pack more than is needed because it is amazing how many cold cups of cider get “accidentally” spilled once the beverage cools off.

These are just a few of our fall essentials. Everyone is different, and I would love to hear what some of your fall tent camping essentials are.

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    1. Thank you! I forgot once…it got down to 40 that night and now I always put my clothes in my sleeping bag. Even in the summer so I can keep the habit going 😀

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