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Funny Friday – Travel Stories


This travel story happened on a very rainy day in Italy when Drew and I decided we were going to drive to Cinque Terre.  Now if you have ever been to Cinque Terre, you can probably guess how this story goes, but let this one serve as a reminder, driving in the rain on unfamiliar roads is never a good idea, but if you must do it, take someone along for comedic relief.

We pulled up the map and left the hotel with the idea that we were going to drive out of the rain and find sunshine.  We drove for quite a while before we started the mountain climb to get there.  There was no guardrails.  It was rainy.  It was foggy.  It was miserable and I was driving with Drew navigating in the seat beside me.  Luckily the app we were using had a map…unfortunately we couldn’t see where we were going outside and the app somehow was turned onto a language other than English.  I heard Drew say “um baby?”, my quick reply was “not now!” as I was holding the steering wheel so tightly my knuckles were white.  “We have a holy shitballs, my butthole is puckering turn coming up.” I literally stopped in the middle of the two lane road going up the mountain and looked at Drew (yeah no one else was dumb enough to be driving on this road in the rain).  I started crying.  And laughing.  “A what?”  “I am going to shit my pants turn coming up,” was the reply and he wasn’t kidding.  Once we started going I saw he really wasn’t kidding.  The road literally did a 180 and then another 180.  Drew used phrases like this all the way up the mountain…Till we found a road closed sign.  Seriously we drove all the way up there and the road was closed.  We turned around and started heading back down the mountain and Drew is now on the side of car where if we could see outside he would see straight down the side of the mountain.  I vaguely hear the app say “……Peter Pan”.  I stopped the car again and asked  Drew “Did that thing just say Peter Pan?” To which he replied ” Yep it said we are about to fly off the cliff with Peter Pan and find Neverland!”

Now this has become a running joke with us when we are heading someplace new.  We are always “off to find Neverland and Peter Pan” even though the app has now been set to English.  This was definitely a funny travel story, although when we tell it, we are usually the ones laughing while the recipient is a little confused.  Hopefully you guys will see the humor in this one as it’s a favorite.



  1. Haha thanks for sharing this epic story of driving in Italy! Oh my gosh you guys are so brave for setting out in the first place! What city did you guys drive from? Hopefully it was not too long of a drive! I actually had my husband write my post about Cinque Terre on my blog since I was drowning in work. I can’t remember but did you guys get to go back on a better day?

    1. We set out from Monticatini on our last day there. We we heading back up to Milan for our flight home and wanted to stop by on the way, so we never made it there. And honestly now every time I mention trying to go back Drew says no way! That’s awesome that you got to go, I read your post it looked awesome, now I am going to have to make it a girls weekend if I ever want to see it!

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