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5 Things you will Hate about Travelling

Let me first say, I love travelling.  My ultimate goal is to travel full time, however till that is possible I travel whenever I can.  This is not to discourage anyone from travelling, this is more to inform you of some of the not so good parts of travelling since every Instagram post regarding travel is only rainbows and sunshine.

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Here are the five things I hate about travelling:

  1. This first thing I hate about traveling is the budgeting and the planning.  This takes up so much time and during every planning phase I start getting a little discouraged at all the planning that goes into it.  I don’t want to research anymore, I want to BE THERE!  Unfortunately planning takes a lot of effort and time when you are heading to a new country.  From where we want to stay, to how long we will stay in one place, how are you supposed to know this when you have never been?  What if I don’t give myself enough time in this place, or what if I am bored and want to move on, but my next flight isn’t for a few days?  Yep this is definitely something I despise about traveling.
  2. The second thing I hate about traveling is overrated destinations.  Take Pisa for example.  It’s a leaning tower…that is jam packed with people.  Hoards of people. With military patrolling it, and rude people, I thought it was way overrated.  You can read my post about Pisa here.  There will always be destinations that are way hyped up, and when you get there, all you can think “is that all?”.  Well, yep, that is all…and if you planned more than one day in that location…well, reread number one.
  3. The third thing I hate about traveling is the bad weather.  You spend quite a bit of time planning and horrible weather can ruin a lot of the planning.  The good news about this one, is I have learned to always find “secondary” indoor options for rainy days.  I love museums and almost everywhere has some form of a museum, so I keep the list on my phone for days when outdoor activities are not possible.  Now, even with a backup plan, I still hate bad weather when traveling because I only plan to do and see what I really want to see, so for me to use a backup plan means I won’t get to see something I really wanted to.
  4. The fourth thing I hate about traveling is driving abroad.  You can read my post about driving in Italy here.  Driving abroad means learning new road signs, learning to drive on a different side of the road, trying to drive faster, and getting honked at more than I have ever been honked at in my entire life.  Whenever possible I always take public transportation, but when you are driving in a foreign country be prepared for anything!
  5. The fifth thing I hate about traveling is the question “Aren’t you happy to be back home?” This annoys me to no end and I always have to bite my tongue to keep from yelling “Do you know where I have been?  Do you think I am happy to be back here when I was just_________(fill in the blank)?!?!”  This question is probably the worst because most people always assume I am happy to be back to the grind because they do not know any better, but in reality I am not.  I come back home and start planning the next adventure and try ignore the fact that people who don’t travel like I do will never understand that coming home to freezing cold temperatures, and a house that needs more work done, and emails out the wazoo from everyone about things that need to be done now does not make me happy.

There you have it, the five things I hate about traveling.  What are some of things you hate about travelling?



  1. Love the list Trish! Totally agree with you! I absolutely hate PACKING for the actual trip. I’m a serial packing procrastinator despite making checklists beforehand! I’m terrible.

    Oh I also linked your Italy posts category in my post recent post haha about the Gate 1 escorted trip review ;D.

    1. Thank you for the shout out!! 😀 I don’t quite procrastinate, I just wait till everything is clean. Since I have a capsule wadrobe, that usually means packing the day before we leave!

      1. That makes sense! Haha I think I just need to get better about organizing my stuff in general. Oh and you’re very welcome your posts about that trip were how I found you through the WP search (which usually is not very helpful)!

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